Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back In Business

Hi Everybody!

Full Spectrum Mama, who is clearly quite awesome, brought it to my attention that it's high time I should start doing this blog again.

[Photo of the slipcover for AC/DC 45" vinyl Danger b/w Back In Business]

So: what should the next post be about? I'm not quite ready to publish on the giant topic of ABA because there's still more research and planning to do, as well as write-up, but has anyone got any other questions or things you'd like to discuss? Hit me up by using the mailbox feature on this site, or find me on Facebook. I'll use the name for you that you want me to use, so choose your pseudonyms wisely.  :)

I missed you.  It's going to be great to be back in business. xx



  1. happy squeals. she's baaaaaaaaack.

  2. Welcome back! This is a theme which has been discussed on one of the Facebook pages I follow and I am interested in your thoughts on the subject.
    Characters in fictional books with an ASD - good and bad examples (in your opinion!).
    As a bookseller and the parent of a young child with an ASD I am often asked for my recommendations and would like to know your favourites.
    Thanks in advance :-)

    1. This is a great and very interesting question! Let me think about it...

  3. Meanwhile, check out Sparrow Rose Jones on ABA since she wrote that thing even better than I was going to be able to! I posted it today with permission.