Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shutdown: The Quiet Relative of Meltdown

Trigger alert: Comparing self to computer.

Sometimes when my Mac has too many things going on at the same time I get the Spinning Beach Ball of Doom.  I like it, actually, because, you know, twirly.  On the other hand, it's not very useful, in terms of computing.

Sometimes it resolves itself, after a time.  But there are also other times.  These are the times I have to shut... the.... whole..... thing....... down.  It was trying to do too much at once.  Too much.  This is temporary.  The computer will reboot and be fine.  But it needed a real rest.

So here is some more proof of my fabulous Theory of Mind™.  I can feel for that little computer.  I can relate to it right now.  And I thought I should tell you all about it so you know why it has been a while since I have answered any questions on here even though some of you know I have got your questions in the hopper, and your questions are waiting, and you are waiting, and I am sorry about all of that.

Please be patient.  For now I can barely write; it would shock you to know how long this little post is taking me.  My talking has gotten more that sort of way it gets where I make up circumlocutions and 'interesting' ways of phrasing things and some charitable people decide to believe it is because I am witty instead of because I cannot try and try as I might with all my might I cannot remember the actual real word for "folder." My Spinning Beach Ball of Doom isn't resetting itself.  It has become clear that I need to power down and think about polygons for a while, try to find some dapples to look at.

But I will be back soon because you can reboot the computer soon once you have made the commitment to shut it down properly.

Shutdown is related to meltdown, in terms of how much control we have over it, also sort of a lot of the causes maybe, but it looks different.  However, really know it's not on purpose.  Really know a shut down person is not ignoring or disrespecting you.  Really know a shut down person, if that person is me, I should say, so I'm not being unduly universalizing, will be glad when rebooting is properly accomplished, will be there for you, and happy about it.

Thank you for listening.