Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Grateful For You

I was no picnic
Not in the park
Not even at a truck stop
Or a bench on the street
I was no picnic
But you believed in me
And taught me things
And stood by bravely
When I didn’t get it
I see you and
I’m grateful for you

They didn’t make it easy
Not the doctors
Or the people at the school
Not any of the schools
Or the neighborhood
They didn’t make it easy
But you fought for me
Made space for me
And never gave up
I feel your love and
I’m grateful for you

Sometimes it’s hard
Even though I’m older now
Even though I’m wiser now
And as a late bloomer
I’ve got something to show
Sometimes it’s hard
But you’re there for me
And I trust you
I’m a Mama now too
And I hope I’m like you
I’m grateful for you



  1. Absolutely beautiful, Ibby. You are an amazing person and I know your mama must be, too.

  2. <3
    I might make one of these too, if you wouldn't mind.

  3. So beautiful. I have 2 gorgeous boys, one with Aspergers and one with Autism. I seem to have had to fight extra hard for them recently and it sometimes feels like I'm banging my head against a brick wall and shouting into the dark. But I won't lie down and let the lack of understanding they come up against go without a fight. They are worth fighting for. And I really really needed to read your poem today. Thank you xxx

  4. What a lovely tribute.

  5. excellent work ibby. proud to be with u b (Barb Rentenbach)

  6. Yes! I echo Michelle Zaremba..absolutely beautiful. Blessings on you and all the parents who never give up loving their kiddos, no matter what.