Friday, September 6, 2013

Media Throws "Autism Parents" Under The Bus Again

Another incredibly self involved person without a moral compass tried killing her kid. This time it didn't work, thank heaven, but members of the media as well as key "parent" bloggers are as usual taking the opportunity to present the grisly, unnatural and horrific acts as somehow logical, to further their complex and spiteful agenda.

They are callously using these troubled criminals, in other words, and calling them "typical parents" doing "understandable acts of desperation" at the expense of real parents everywhere. Don't fall for it, and don't stand for it. Speak out.

Thought experiment: You hear a news report that a promising young high school football player with a scholarship to Notre Dame after graduation was gunned down in cold blood by his mother. It comes out that she had called, even taken time off her minimum wage job so she could try in person, begged at least seven times for more food stamps because Jim's training schedule started making him so hungry she could no longer afford to feed him. They ignored her. She is quoted as saying she saw no way out but to kill him: Julie had known hunger, and vowed her boy never would.

Now. Are we going to be deluged with crap blaming the boy for being inconvenient, or will we be shown a lovely pic of him as a heroic young life cut short?

Will she be painted as society's victim, one of us? Or perhaps...someone who killed her own child: a child-killer. The very worst kind of criminal we can think of. She's poor and the kid was not disabled, so...

I'll stop with that. But you see why I'm so sick. Wrongness is happening on so many levels and not just to Autistics. They are doing this to our parents, and our whole civilization.

Please stand with us and say NO in any way you can think of, every chance you get.

Evil is NOT the typical response to being under resourced. We cannot allow this myth to take hold and dig deeper cultural roots.

In short: we need more resources and that is the truth. But most people would never kill an innocent kid, no matter how hard life is, and to say otherwise is a flat out lie.

Thanks for listening.



  1. I agree! These monsters, sorry I can't call them parents are not one of us.

  2. Standing with you. Saying No! to this media spin we are being fed.

  3. Thanks for writing this, Ibby. We need to keep on keeping on. It is so very unfortunate that we need to be leery of those who label themselves autism advocates because it has been a self-given label of each of the murderers. An autism advocate who murders is in NO WAY just like most of the "autism moms" I know.

  4. I agree. Being a murderer is very unusual. Most people would never think otherwise. The good news is, some of these "advocates" are waving a big red flag for the world to notice that they are the dangerous type, when they state publicly their opinion that murdering your own child is an understandable option when you have a hard time of it. They might as well get a TShirt of I Am Scary.

  5. I have to admit that for the most part, I generally avoid the news nowadays because it is often quite poisonous. After reading this article, I did read at least one article about what you are referring to, and it made my stomach turn.

    This must have been especially upsetting to you, and I am so sorry that you and others with disabilities need to see such awful things. I am sorry anyone has to see these things.

    I am not sure what else to say, except....well, what else can anyone say. It is really awful, isn't it?

  6. ((Ibby)) Thank you...


  7. Evil is NOT the typical response to being under resourced. We cannot allow this myth to take hold and dig deeper cultural roots.
    Amen. A thousand times amen.

  8. ...and the beat goes on. Today I read that this "Mother" on a murderous meltdown lived her own personal hell and we shouldn't judge that maladjusted behavior.
    All I can seem to consider are the years of personal hell that her child, her victim lived leading up to the final murderous insult.
    We cannot let this accepted evil take deeper root. Thank you for writing this so vividly to that point.