Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Am A Mother (Part 2)

Checking in... the ABA project was a giant undertaking for someone who has such a hard time writing! Thank you so much for your patience!!

Here is a thought that came to me today, this morning, as I stepped on a Cheerio, and laughed.

[Image: Cheerios strewn over a hardwood floor. Not unlike what you might find in our kitchen on any given morning! Oh who am I kidding. I don't know what time of day it is, and neither do the ever-present Cheerios.]
I laughed. And then I thought: whoa. This is me laughing about Food Being Where It Does Not Go.

Before the boys were born, I "knew for a fact" this was not going to be able to happen.

Cheerios and crumbs underfoot, under my feet, going crunch, ack? It means I have a house full of cutefellas. I shrug and laugh. This is something I could never have dreamed possible.

Also it's something I think a lot of people will understand.

I am a mother.



  1. When they are old enough for those little bitty legos believe me - you will not be laughing when you step on those! They really hurt bare feet :) But even then, enjoy it because once stepping on cheerios and legos are part of your life you tend to miss it when it no longer is there each day. New things take the place of childhood step upons on the floor and each step along the way is lovely even though it is hard to imagine ahead of time. Cheerios, legos, baseball mitts, game controllers, leftover pizza boxes, dirty socks, friends sleeping bags, cell phones, statistical calculators, empty take out containers, last week's mail....the stuff on the floor as our boys grow into men.

  2. Awwww...Love. This makes me so happy xx Love, Ib

  3. oh if we could take all of the things that we once "knew for a fact" and combine them all, we'd have fodder for a lovely bonfire. :) xoxo

  4. I'm a bit behind on your blog and just read this now, and I love it so much!
    Even though I am not parenting or anything like that, I always find it so interesting and wonderful to read. Love to you and yours and cheerios! <3

  5. Brianne! W00t! Happy happy! I didn't know you read this at all!! xxoo Giant Super Hug! Love, Ib